Solving financial problems begins with identifying your key objectives, and then completing a stocktake of what resources you have to achieve them.

To provide valuable assistance in this process, Your Fair Share provides you with free subscription to our factsonline service.

Improve your financial wellbeing via our easy to use financial modeling tools.

Your information and details remain completely secure, your input cannot be seen or shared with anyone unless you decide to provide access to others in seeking financial advice.

Using FACTS Online will enable you to:

  • Create integrated cashflow models incorporating your budgeting, superannuation and income tax
  • Keep track of all your assets and liabilities, including investment properties
  • Help calculate projected investment and retirement objectives – including a superannuation optimiser to identify shortfalls
  • Help calculate family tax and Centrelink benefits

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Once you have completed this exercise, you should seek the right strategic advice to determine what are the leading strategies you could use to achieve your objectives.