Searching for Santa

Mark George will be presenting Searching for Santa at Your Fair Share’s  Half Yearly Investor Forum.

Mark George, a 20 year veteran of the financial industry, would like to take you on an exciting journey:

An insiders thoroughly researched and thought provoking presentation on the questionable ‘gifts’ lurking beneath everyone’s ‘Investment Xmas Tree’.

A must see presentation, ‘Searching for Santa’ delivers powerful insights into the myths and misconceptions investors need to look for as they unwrap the ‘gifts’ from leading:

  • Economists  … on how to best time your entry or exit into investment markets
  • Stock brokers … on how to successfuly buy, hold and sell shares
  • Fund managers … on how professional fund managers outperform the market
  • Ratings houses … on how to pick the best fund managers and investments
  • Investment gurus … on how to profit from their newsletters, insights and research

Mark George is an entertaining speaker who makes himself available to present at professional discussion groups, investor forums and conferences.

Send your presentation request to or call Mark directly on 03 9686 9686 to discuss your event.