Man Vs Wild

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I met Bear Grylls yesterday and had the opportunity to have a chat to him about adventurers and climbers we both know.

A financial institution had secured Bear to launch their latest financial platform innovations.  To be truthful I was more interested in Bear’s description of his climb to the summit of Everest.

A masterful performer, I wasn’t surprised to see the audience enthralled in his stories.

I also couldn’t help draw parallels with him and with new investors, when both are dropped into hostile and unknown conditions where they must learn to conquer fears and the unknown.

Bear survives with the help of a team of experts including advisers with local knowledge.

In times like these, markets can also be very wild, but investors can increase their chances of survival with the help of a team of experienced advisers.

If you (or others you know) need to bolster their team, you can seek help via this website.