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The world is more global than ever.

We are told that our economy is in good shape, government debt is low, we are in the right place on the map (Asia); and have an excellent outlook because we will be direct beneficiaries of a longer than predicted commodities boom.

Yet our market doesn’t seem to care.

It is more global than ever. If bad things happen overnight in Europe or the US …. then our market reacts as if we are sitting on their doorstep.  If they go up …. then often we follow.

Frustrating, but we need to get used to it because that’s the way markets are now intertwined.

On another note, Georgie’s Blog has also gone global in that I’ve taken extended leave until mid January.

You may get an occasional blog during this time, however regular weekly blogs will most likely continue in February 2012.

For those who wish to follow my global travels, I have just launched a new website today which will include a regular update, and provide an insight into another passion of mine …. the world of adventure.

You can get to that website via this link .

 (For those needing expert advice; Simon, Russell, Gary, Sandra and Maria are available for immediate contact, and I will be keeping in touch via satellite phone for any urgent requirements)

 Safe travels

 Mark ‘Georgie’ George