About Mark ‘Georgie’ George’s Blog

From time to time my weekly blog will be:

  • a no nonsense assault on popular wisdom;
  • educational, enlightening and thought provoking;
  • occasionally trashy, corny and contrite;
  • insulting to many in the financial industry;
  • upsetting to those who believe they can accurately predict the future;
  • annoying to those who think they are ‘god’s gift’ to the investment world;
  • and a ‘call for action’ to help readers get financially organised.

After twenty years as an insider within the financial advising industry, I make no apologies about challenging the status quo.

One lesson that’s been scorched into my soul throughout this whole GFC fiasco, and its aftermath, is that it’s folly to base your investment strategy around the short term predictions of economists, stockbrokers, fund managers and researchers, together with the financial advisers who are often mesmerised by their forecasts.

For over twenty years I was one of those advisers.  I’ve made mistakes along the way; but learned from each one so there are fewer now.  My key motivation for this blog is to help you avoid potential financial traps, and to help you be moneywise.

Mark ‘Georgie’ George
August 2011