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Analysts at Macquarie and Deutsche Banks have a ‘sell’ on Tabcorp.

Whereas analysts at Credit Suisse and Citigroup all have a ‘buy’ on the exact same company.

RBS and Credit Suisse have a ‘buy’ on Fairfax – yet Goldman Sachs and Deutsche both have a ‘sell’.

They can’t both be right – someone is going to be wrong. Some people are going to be disappointed.

So who are you going to believe?

More importantly, what gives you the impression that you have the in-depth knowledge to even make that judgement?

I’ve analysed the ‘buy’, ‘hold’ and ‘sell’ calls from the major brokers across the ASX 100 shares since 2006. It’s fascinating, and very scary….especially if you want to rely on their forecasts.

The final conclusion of this study – even the analysts or share brokers don’t know who will be right and who will be wrong.

So we shouldn’t kid ourselves that we know.


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